I left my heart rate monitor in San Francisco, high on a hill.  It calls to me.



Grete Waitz and Ed Eyestone win Bay to Breakers, which sets a Guinness World record for being the world's largest footrace, with 78,769 registered runners.  Throw in bandits and the number is estimated to be 110,000 runners!

Holy sourdough chowder bowls!!


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San Francisco has been ranked by Runner's World as the #1 running city in the USA.
Here are The Turkey's favorite training routes, race courses, and 400m tracks.
Click on the links for very accurate maps tracked using USATF/Google map tools.


Name Distance Start Notes
Golden Gate Park Loop 5 KM GG Park - west end Ran this loop for the first time 22 years ago with my sister, when I was a young 'un.  Running in Golden Gate Park is unrivaled in SF and nothing beats a nice XC run on a late October afternoon.
Lake Merced Loop 4.46 Miles Lake Merced Mostly flat.  Loop used for the Christmas Relay course.
Presidio Heights 4 Miles Presidio Gate (Lombard & Lyon) I miss running in the army days of the Presidio.  However, the Presidio is still a great place for running.   These are all courses I run with the Presidio RX running group.  But I must maintain the secrecy of some of these trails, so I'm not posting them here--some things are better kept secret.
Presidio & Marina 4.5 Miles Palace of Fine Arts
Presidio Coastal Trail 5.25 Miles Palace of Fine Arts
Longest Traffic-less SF Run 5.27 Miles Ocean Beach at Sloat Boulevard Contrary to what you might expect from a major city, you can run over 5 miles in SF without ever crossing an intersection or any driveways & parking lot entrances.  This is a beautiful coastal run from the Ocean to the Legion of Honor.
"27.5 Mile Marathon" 27.5 Miles GG Park (or wherever you choose) This is a typical course I run for marathon training.  Total elevation gain over 2000 feet.
My Favorite Stairs Intervals 160 steps 14th & Kirkham (Sunset) Butt wrenching workout:   Start with a 3 mile warm up, do 10 sets of stairs (up on 14th Ave, then back down on 15th Ave), and finish up with another 3 miles.  This HURT in high school and STILL does.
My Favorite Hill Intervals 22% grade or so Broderick & Broadway   (Pacific Heights) Ten sets of intervals, sandwiched between 3 mile runs.  Ouch.  This is a quiet hill with EXCELLENT views of the Bay.


Name Distance Start Notes
Kezar Stadium 400 meters Golden Gate Park Overly popular all weather track. Beware of the crowds on Tues, Wed, and Thurs nights--gets very crowded with as many as 150+ runners circling the track.
Cox Stadium (SFSU) 400 meters San Francisco State University (SFSU) All weather college track open to public, but dont show up during practice (2-5PM). Few crowds, easy campus parking, and clean bathrooms.  Convenient shopping at Stonestown afterwards!
Lowell High School 400 meters 1101 Eucalyptus (Lakeside) Quiet, neighborhood public high school. Dirt track.
Washington High School 400 meters 30th & Anza
(The Richmond)
Quiet, neighborhood public high school. All weather track.
Polo Field 0.75 miles Golden Gate Park Not a track, but a good place to run longer intervals on the upper loop.  In high school, we met at the Polo Field for cross country practice and meets.


Name Distance Start Notes
Cable Car Chase 5.67 Miles Aquatic Park Official Race Course

Turkey Beach Trot

6 Miles Ocean Beach, at the Cliff House Official Race Course
Hook & Ladder 10 KM Golden Gate Park Official Race Course
Emerald Nuts Across the Bay 12 KM Sausalito to Aquatic Park Official Race Course
Bay to Breakers 12 KM Downtown to Ocean Beach Official Race Course

        Run for the Seals - 4 Mile Race - Marin Headlands, San Francisco - April 15, 2007

San Francisco Thanksgiving Run & Walk